- Which is the distance to get to the beach?

The distance from the campsite to Pals or Begur beach is 6km approximately

- How far is Pals town from the campsite?

The campsite is located 1km far from Pals town

- Can I find a bus stop at the campsite?

Yes we have a bus stop here, you can check the schedules at

- Where can I find the nearest train station? And the nearest airport?

The nearest train station is Flaça at 26km from here (20min). The nearest airport is Girona's Airport and it is at 55km from here (50 min)



- Where can I find the map of the campsite?

The map of the campsite is in our website. You have to check the start page and then go to download section just below the weather forecast

- Do you accept credit or debit cards?

Yes, all the cards are allowed except American Express in the campsite (not on the ice-creams shop)

- Do we have Wi-fi in the campsite?

Yes we do have Wi-Fi but it is a paying service. The price will vary depending on the connection hours that you will use: 6€ per 10h, 10€ per 20h or 20€ per 45h

- Do we have a cash point?

Yes, we do have a cash machine that uses the 4B technology

- Do we have animation activities?

Yes we have animation activities but just during the summer months July and August. Maybe during the festivities of "San Juan" and also the first and second week of September we will have activities. It is always better to ask us for the active period

- It is allowed to use barbecues? Do we have barbecues in the campsite?

Yes you can use barbecues at the campsite if you use coal. We do not have barbecues or barbecue zone but you will find disposable barbecues in our supermarket

- Do we have rent a bike in the campsite?

Yes, we have bikes of different sizes and styles and you can rent it at the reception

- Do we accept pets?

In the camping places they are allowed but not in the accommodations area. At the restaurant it is not allowed to go with them. Dogs or other animals have to go tied and you will have to respect all the rules that you will get in the entrance

- Which is the access schedule to the campsite?

The entrance and exit times for the vehicules are from 7am to 12pm. In case that you arrive later or before, you can use the door to get into the campsite but it always will be walking. You can leave your car at our parking without any extra cost



- How many persons are included in the plot price?

The plot price has included: 2 persons, light, water, caravan or tent and the vehicle

- How many persons could be in the plot?

The maximum of persons per plot is 6 (kids included)

- Are all the places about the same size?

Most of the plots size will go from the 70m2 to the 72m2

- Which is the check-in schedule? And the check-out?

The check-in time at the campsite will be from 12h and also the check-out time. The last day at your check-out time you can leave your stuff and your car in our outside parking and then you can enjoy the rest of your day at the campsite without extra cost

- Can I book an exact number?

No, you can inform us about your preferences but we will never assign you an exact place before your arrival. At the check-in, depending on the availability, you can make the changes that you need to cover your needs. Also, if you want to make a reservation with other friends or family, you can inform us about that fact and we will do our best for you to place your reservation nearby

- Do we have rent a refrigerator?

No, in the campsite we do not offer that service. If you need it, we can inform you about the options that we know in the surroundings



- How many persons are included in the accommodation price?

As you can see in the accommodation name, bungalows and mobil homes use to be for 4,5 or 6 persons being that the maximum of persons per accommodation

- Do we count the kids in the accommodation?

Yes, the kids no matter the age, are included in the maximum number of persons assigned for each accommodation

- If I have visitors, can they sleep in our accommodation?

Your visitors can sleep in the accommodation depending on the type and how many persons are already sleeping inside. If the accommodation is from a higher capacity that the number of persons already inside, the visitor will have to pay the tourist tax (+16 years old person) and give us the passport or ID card at the arrival. If the capacity of the accommodation is already full, the visitor can just spend the day in the campsite but not sleep here

- Is it possible to make a reservation for mobil homes or bungalows together or in the same line?

Friends or family groups have to let us know about the fact that they want to be together but we will never tell you that it is a sure question. If you decide to make this request, we will do our best for you to place the group together or the maximum that can be possible

- Which is the check-in and check-out time for the accommodations?

Normally, the entrance time is at 18h and the departure time is at 11h. All the customers can stay at the campsite later and before the assigned schedule without extra costs

- Do we have TV, microwave and bed linen?

All of our accommodations do not have TV or microwave. Every single one of our accommodations do have an inventory where you can see if your accommodation do have TV or microwave. Bedlinens are not included in the accommodation, if you want it you will have to rent it paying the price per day (3.25€) or per week (15.50€) and leave a deposit of 15€ per set in cash

-  Do we have towels or dishcloths?

No, you have to bring your own towels and dishcloths because we do not have it and neither the rent it option is possible

- Do we have a baby pack?

Yes, we have a baby pack that includes a cot, a chair and a little bathtub. This has a price of 5€ per night

- Can you place a tent close to the mobil home or the bungalow?

No, tents are not allowed in the accommodations

- Do we accept pets?

No, the animals are forbidden in the accommodations area, the restoration area and the pool

- When do I should pay my reservation?

When you make the reservation, we will give you a week to pay the 30% and then, one month before you will get here you will have to pay the 70%. If you make a reservation one month before your arrival you will have to pay the total price in a week.

- Do I have to leave a deposit at my arrival?

Yes, at your arrival you will have to leave a diposit of 100€ for the accommodations without TV and 110€ for all the other accommodations. This deposit has always to be in cash